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Hexed Legacy is a survival horror game about the mistery that involve your father's death and your grandfather's past. 

In this first chapter, your task is to explore an abandoned school where strange events occurred, but there you will find more than answers and you probably want to run before that catch you.

Very soon, we are going to update the music and sound effects thanks to a partner studio. Stay tuned to our page and social media to play the next version.  

Hexed Legacy is our first 3D game in development, so we are glad to receive any feedback to improve it and release a good survival horror game. 

Thank you in advance!





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This game's pretty cool and fun, but it has some game breaking bugs. If the flashlight runs out, you can't change the battery and your batteries will disappear when you try to use them. And there was a part where i found a paper or book and it reset the objectives when i picked it up. And it was actually the note from the beginning again. It was fun but i didn't want to keep restarting and redoing everything so i had to give up. 

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so good but think need fix